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ZEROSECONDS icons/bases
27th-Nov-2010 12:59 am - 006: 110 icons
Icons! Icons!! Almost one year since the previous post. *bows head in shame*
One day I'll finish that UDDUP mood theme... one day.

Shiki x 2
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo x 5
Conductor x 2
Until Death Do Us Part x 20
Cheese in the Trap x 81


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14th-Dec-2009 04:41 pm - 005: 89 icons

So here's an icon dump... I haven't done that much when it comes to graphics, so this is all I've made since May or something.

Dengeki Daisy x 2
Mononoke x 1
Natsume Yuujinchou x 1
Pandora Hearts x 11
The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor x 15
Kuchu Buranko x 6
Until Death Do Us Part x 47
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo x 6


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27th-May-2009 04:13 pm - UDDUP VOL 5 & 6 (82 icons)
Stamping out icons once again...


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6th-Apr-2009 10:28 pm - UDDUP VOL 3 & 4 (65 icons)

Last ones for now, at least until the scanlations get around at volume six... I guess.


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25th-Mar-2009 06:43 pm - UDDUP VOL 1 & 2 (75 icons)
Been trying out a different manga icon coloring technique, but it might change in the future.... I hope they don't hurt your eyes, or something.


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*dusts* Uh hello! The majority of these were made in 2008... I should post them.

Mouryou no Hako x 11
Until Death Do Us Part (Shi ga futari wo wakatsu made) x 30


41 in totalCollapse )

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19th-Jun-2008 11:59 pm - Macross Frontier episode 4
Another very belated batch, since there are so many other icon makers already I think I'm going to skip the episodes after this and do another batch when another good looking ep comes around :P


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23rd-May-2008 08:35 pm - Macross Frontier episode 2 + 3
Yeah I'm slow.


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6th-Apr-2008 08:21 pm - Macross Frontier episode 1 + OP
Returning to upload icons :x


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