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ZEROSECONDS icons/bases
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27th-Jan-2008 10:56 pm - 003: LONG TIME NO SEE. >_>;
Hi, have 123 icons! I hope this makes up for neglecting this icon comm. XD; ....most icons were done from november last year until today. The numbering format is different now. Please specify the letters along with the numbers if you take something (for example: I took BKI2 and MF10-17, kthnx).

Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto x 06
Dennou Coil x 15
Ghost Hunt x 20
Macross Frontier x 40
Millennium Actress x 15
Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou x 27


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17th-Oct-2007 02:51 pm - Mononoke: Bake Neko x 70
This concludes the Mononoke icon batch series. :) Check the mononoke tag for the other batches.


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15th-Oct-2007 10:02 pm - Gundam 00: OP x 31
SURPRISE BATCH? Well, out of the 13 subbed fall anime I tried, two or three were appealing. One of them was Gundam 00, which I liked the character designs the most of. May be doing episode batches once in a while.


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11th-Oct-2007 02:01 pm - Mononoke: Nopperabou/Nue x 44
Been taking a break from playing video games. =P Here are some icons from the Nopperabou and Nue episodes.


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25th-Sep-2007 12:52 pm - Tokyo Majin 2: OP + Episode 6 + 7
OP + 6 + 7. Twenty of each!


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9th-Sep-2007 06:10 pm - Tokyo Majin 2: Episode 4+5
Quickly finished the last two Kenbu episodes, will be moving over to emo-emo episodes next :( Other icons are in this tag.


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4th-Sep-2007 08:08 pm - Random Tokyo Majin stuff

Full version. (not useable as lj icon)

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On that note, I updated with a newer version of 76 to 90 in this post. If anyone wants some dvd quality screencaps, just ask me.
3rd-Sep-2007 01:21 pm - Mononoke: Umi Bouzu x 120
Following Zashiki Warashi, here is the icon batch for the Umi Bouzu arc. Episode 3 icons was reposted from my journal. Episode 5 is all new. For Nopperabou and Nue (both two episode arcs) I'll post it in this form as well.


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30th-Aug-2007 04:05 pm - 002: le shock

Denno Coil: Episode 11 x 35
Paprika x 15
Tokyo Majin 2: Episode 3 x 38


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